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9th May 2011


I haven't posted here in a good half decade I think...kind of surprised the account is still here much less that I remembered my login info.

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23rd October 2006

11:33pm: Speaking of My Space...
Wasting time as I am so very good at doing, and I have tricked out and added my sisters to my friends and subscribed to thier blogs. Also I wrote a rather silly intro of me in my blog for anyone who comes across it. OH and I found my old best friend from high school! Hopefully he remembers me, that boy rocked.

Anyway, going to go back to screwing around...really starting to like that site, as much as I hate to admit it.

If you want to see the tricked out profile and blog or read my introduction feel free.
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12:43pm: My Space
Screwed around a bit with my My Space finally.. feel free to check it out...make sure your speakers are on, excellent music. Blog has its first post and layout, such as it is lol

Gotta get some sleep, 3 midterms tomorrow and I have not gone to sleep since yesterday lol
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10th October 2006

12:48pm: Sorry I faded out there again...been sicks as all hell and catching up on school work i missed because of it lol.

Not much going on anyway...make up test tonight, Nightfall comes out the 27th and I can hardly wait! our 9th anniversary is next month and hubby is planning on taking me back up to see Flea and trying to work in some romantic activities on the way. He is as always cute as ever.

Really that is about it, I have to call about a billion people as well today. hmm ... oh hey who actually has a myspace account and uses it? lol got tired of people on GW going nuts over it so i made an account, though I have not done much of anything with it. I hardly keep up my lj these days lol.

Well back to studying and such,
hugs and howls
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16th September 2006

11:45pm: And were back!
The visit with Flea was pure heaven. She was having a hard time living with her bitch of a sister and obviously needed time away with just her and her hubby. So we got them a room at the hotel we were staying at. Bsed, tried to teach them D&D and how to role play, which they got a kick out of. (Apparently I am excellent at playing the sexy evil bitch lol (I always play drow).) Then they went to thier room and I got to spend some....alone time ;)  with my man. In the morning I went to meet Fleas other kids (I had already met Tianna who is just adorable and kept glueing herself to me lol, odd since kids usually stay away from me, at least at first.) I got on great with all the kids, even her sisters. (Youngest Tianna is 6 oldest of the girls (her sisters) is 16.) I got to see Joey again, Her sisters son for the first time in about a decade. He is 17 now, was a lot quieter now though he smiled and said hi. He didn't take to me as much as the girls did so I respected that and hugged the girls when I left and smiled and waved at him.

Only one wierd thing happend. This odd lady we had noticed floating around as we hung out in her sisters backyard (Such as it is lol) was walking in the alley and asked some odd question I didnt hear. Later as Pat and I pulled out she forced us to stop by walking in front of the car. Pat being nice as he is stopped and rolled down his window. She immediately started asking me about my cousins, was there any troubles, this and that, being very nosey. I told her to ask them. She said she was asking us because we were leaving. This of course pissed me off but I told her nicely as my rather rude mouth can be to not go behind peoples backs and if she had a question she should ask them. She just looked at me then said really sarcastically "Well you are one of THEM arn't you?" doing the finger wiggle as she said them. By now I was chewing her out with several rude but choice words thrown in. Was not long before Flea her hubby and the 12 & 16 year old girls came around front having heard me and wondering what was going on. I told the lady mid yelling at her to turn around and ask them they are right behind her. FINALLY she turns and looks on the 4th time and my hubby pulls out before I can get out of the car lol. We decided to turn around and go back about 15 minutes later as though she didn't act or look like it she might be social services. They are very annoying in the town they live in. Apparently the lady only asked them one question looking rather scared, after all the questions to me she just asked them if they had any trouble they were not getting help for and she pointed to the mental health place that happend to be across the street. Well they said no and she hurried off.

When I came back to make sure my big mouth and over protectiveness did not get them into trouble they told me no, asked me what happend and seemed very pleased I had bitched her out and stuck up for them. The girls were acting like I was hero of the day and fleas sister who I cannot stand gave me a hug and was suddenly all nice. Which I politely put up with and quickly left.

So...after all this bs you probubly had no interest in....gist is love everywhere, kids thought I was the shit, flea loved me for getting her away from her sister for the night, and in the end my temper made me the hero LOL.

That is about it, amusing as all hell and a very wonderful experience all around, especially having not seen her in over 5 years and the kids not even remembering me because they were so young. (It had been longer than that since I had seen her sisters kids.)

Perfect 24 or so hours lol. I am a happy puppy.

Hugs and Howls
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13th September 2006

7:36pm: Cramming Hell
Nothing like packing a 3 month biology class into a 6.5 week online class. 8 very dry chapters in one week! Ahh the fun! LOL 2 down...6 to go. Not even counting my other 6 classes. College is ever so much fun! hehe *grins*

I have been hanging around LJ a bit more, but I haven't seen posts by any of my sisters! Treas! Leah! Xavi! Banshee! Where are ya girls?

Well anyway this Friday I go north to see Flea...I can hardly wait!

Well I guess I should get back to it *sighs dramatically* lol

Hugs and Howls
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9th September 2006

4:58pm: Hey All
Just occured to me I have no posted in eons. Not a hell of alot going on here as usual, now in my 2nd quarter of school. Classes are a bit harder...Medical Termanology is a bitch lol. Other than that....My cousin Flea (the one I had been looking for for years and finally found a couple months ago.) is finally back living in MN. So we are headed to the Iron Range next Friday to go see her. Will be great, haven't seen her in around 5 years! We have never been apart that long lol. Can hardly wait!

Thats really about it...*shrugs* Hope all is well with you all, will have to check in on the site soon, been so busy with classes I have forgotten to check in lol.

Hugs and Howls
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19th June 2006


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16th June 2006

3:03am: New movie ties for most depressing

I never cry at movies, hell I rarely have much of a reaction to them at all short of mild amusement.  And though these two movies did not make me cry....they came close. First one is Pay it Forward. They totally make you fall in love with that little kid, then they kill him. I hate that movie with a passion. This next one however is a bit more grey...because while it was just as sad, it was so well done, that I want to see it again anyway. Brokeback Mountain. Excellent movie....and damn depressing. Now I must lose myself in some horribly vapid book or video game lest I give into the depressingness....have to say one thing though. Made me damn glad I have Pat, at least I won't die alone full of regret.


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19th May 2006

9:07pm: Argh
Ya know what is fun? Trying to read multiple chapters of a very dry psych text book with no adderall....ARGH! lol
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13th May 2006

11:08pm: Sorry I havent been around much, school has started, and its not to bad, I rather like it...course all I have had so far are mostly easy orientation type classes. Can hardly wait to get to the real stuff. =)
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28th April 2006

7:50pm: Another useless bordom induced post
Just something I find amusing....If you look at the details behind the cut in the personality dna quiz you will see I am extremely male in how I think and react to things...almost all quizes come out this way for me, and well what can I say, I always have been a tom boy lol. However my husband always comes out extremely female. (Yes he is totally straight :P he is just one of the few men very in touch with his emotions....way more than I am most of the time.)

Anyway we deduced that physically I am obviously the wife (DD cups are hard to argue with lol) and he the hubby....but mentally/emotionally I am the hubby and he is the wife...I tell takes one secure man to admit to that lol. Gods I love him. ;)

Well thats about it....that just amused the hell out of me.

Hugs and Howls

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7:40pm: Well finally got around to updating my user profile...whoohoo! lol. Thing was like 2 years old. Also ended up updating my felines info on Catster...go fig.
Atm, just waiting for Freddy to call for us to pick him up, so we can go over the drow/kender mix race I came up with and my hubbies pixie LOL.  (Think D&D Geekhood)

Thats about it....technically this post had no point to exist...but there ya go LOL...yes the wolfie is bored :P
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6:45pm: Personal DNA Test

To be nice I am cutting the details, click here to see my results in depthCollapse )

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27th April 2006

9:37pm: Well gotta like that
I registered for classes today and got my school email addy. Basically just the way teachers update students and such. Anyway I was screwing around and I now have my student email forwarding to my cell phone.  So if a teacher has a last minute update or change I get it no matter where I am. Kinda nifty....glad we got unlimited messeging LOL

Speaking of the nifty is a pic I took of Azraea with its camera LOL

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26th April 2006

3:03pm: YES!
Finally!!!!! My cousin, Flea the one I have been looking for for the last 4 years finally, found me! lol, guess making myself easy to find on the net finally paid off. She seems to be doing fairly well all things considered and I will hopefully be seeing her in August. The wolfie has but to say.....YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Many happy tail wiggles
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20th April 2006

1:56pm: Man I love Camera Phones!
My hubby and I got a family plan and thus we now each have our own cell phones. (Much better than the one pre-paid P.O.S. we were sharing lol.) Of course they are camera phones so now mine is decked out with wolf wallpapers and my ring tone is Bark at the Moon by Ozzy lol

Anyway it occured to me I had yet to email anyone an image directly from my also occured to me, that though I have had this wolf tattoo for several years I have never been able to show it off to my LJ friends. So...obviously enough I took the pic (Not the best due to having to take a pic of my own upper arm with the phone lol) emailed it to myself and cleaned it up abit and here it is!

                                                                             Ravens Tattoo
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18th April 2006

You Are a Seeker Soul
You are on a quest for knowledge and life challenges. You love to be curious and ask a ton of questions. Since you know so much, you make for an interesting conversationalist. Mentally alert, you can outwit almost anyone (and have fun doing it!). Very introspective, you can be silently critical of others. And your quiet nature makes it difficult for people to get to know you. You see yourself as a philosopher, and you take everything philosophically. Your main talent is expressing and communicating ideas. Souls you are most compatible with: Hunter Soul and Visionary Soul

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14th April 2006


Your Aura Colour is Magenta.

Magentas are jesters. They are zany, spontaneous, offbeat, outrageous, physical, innovative, in the here-and-now, inventors, attention-seekers. Sometimes they're loners.

The key to understanding the Magenta Personality Spectrum’s color is their unwillingness to conform to the expectations and norms set by society. These individuals seek to express their individuality by using, with creativity and flair, the belongings and raw materials at their disposal. Because they look at life through a Magenta filter, they tend to be viewed as the nonconformists of the spectrum.

The single most difficult thing for a Magenta is to understand the difference between commitment and entrapment. For a Magenta to be locked into a nine-to-five job, to be married and have children, and to run a household, would be a form of insanity. They need to learn to create for themselves a lifestyle that works for them and does not impinge on the sensibilities of others. Magentas revitalize our concept of creativity by offering a new perspective, opening new vistas and exploring new points of departure.

Find out what colour your aura is.

Well this is me for the most part....other than I like being married LOL

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13th April 2006

12:10pm: Minor Update
I am rabid....ok actually I just got my first of 3 rabies shots for school and a physical done today...turns out I lost 7 pounds....personally I think some of my brains must have oozed out my ears before we got there. :P

School starts next month...I turn the big 30 next month....wooohoo!? LOL

Well thats about it really, as usual nothing major worth reporting on lol

Hugs and Howls
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