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Ravenwolf Burke

Welcome to Ravenwolfs Journal.

Just a few facts about the neurotic wolfie...

Raven is 30, Happily Married, and mother to one fur kid Azraea.

She is a full time student, studying Veteranary Technology, specializing in wild animal care.

Ravens hobbies include Everquest 2, Guild Wars, Table Top Gaming (D&D), Travel, Reading, Writing Bad Poetry

(And when she can get herself to do it writing her book.)

Raven is highly addicted to wolves, as they are her spirit animal.

She does whatever she can to aide wolves, via pack adoptions, membership in the IWC,

Sharing knowledge about wolves, and studying them all she can.

What you will find in this journal:

Basically my inane ramblings, about work...friends.. everquest...my hubby..

Poltical ramblings off and on...storylines here and there...the usual bs. =)

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